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Seasonal Care

Seasonal care refers to the specific maintenance tasks that are necessary.

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Service Description

Seasonal care refers to the specific maintenance tasks that are necessary to keep a garden or landscape healthy and looking its best throughout the year. The type of care required will depend on the particular climate and region, as well as the specific plants and landscaping features in the area. In general, seasonal care can be broken down into four main categories: Spring care: This involves preparing the garden for the growing season, including tasks such as pruning, fertilizing, and planting. Spring care may also involve cleaning up debris from winter and preparing the soil for new growth. Summer care: During the summer, it is important to keep plants well-watered and to control pests and diseases. This may involve regular watering, mulching, and using organic or chemical treatments as needed. Fall care: As the weather begins to cool down, it is important to prepare the garden for the winter months. This may involve raking leaves, cutting back dead foliage, and preparing any sensitive plants for colder temperatures. Winter care: In some regions of California, there may be very little that needs to be done during the winter months. However, in areas with harsh winter weather, it may be necessary to protect plants from frost and freezing temperatures. This can involve covering plants with burlap or other protective materials, as well as mulching around the base of plants to insulate the roots. Overall, seasonal care is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy and attractive garden or landscape. By understanding the specific needs of plants and the local climate, gardeners can take steps to ensure that their outdoor spaces thrive throughout the year.

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