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Landscape design

A landscaping consultation involving a meeting between our professional landscape design team.

  • 15 min
  • Request a quote.
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

A landscaping consultation involves a meeting between our professional landscape design team and the property owner to discuss ideas, goals, and plans for improving the outdoor space. The consultation is an opportunity for the landscaper to assess the property, get a sense of the owner's preferences and budget, and make recommendations for how to transform the space. During a landscaping consultation, the landscaper may ask questions about the property, such as the size and shape of the lot, the types of soil and vegetation, and any existing landscaping features. They may also ask about the owner's goals and priorities, such as creating a low-maintenance garden, adding more privacy, or enhancing outdoor entertaining areas. Based on this information, the landscaper will offer suggestions and advice on how to achieve the owner's vision for the space. This may include recommendations for specific plants, hardscaping features, lighting, irrigation systems, and other elements that can enhance the beauty and functionality of the outdoor space. The consultation may also involve a discussion of budget and timeline. Doyen, LLC will provide estimates for the cost of the proposed work, as well as a timeline for completion. Doyen, LLC design team may also offer suggestions for phasing the work over time, if the owner is on a limited budget. Overall, the landscaping consultation is an important first step in the process of transforming an outdoor space. By working with our professional landscape designers, property owners can get expert advice and guidance to help them create a beautiful and functional landscape that meets their unique needs and preferences.

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